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Damian Hagglund- Ayurveda Specialist
The marma mat is inspired by the ancient wisdom and tradition of Ayurveda (Science of Longevity) and marma therapy. Marma therapy is a combination of pressure points and yoga asanas or postures whose function is to restore health and wellness, promote physical relief and body awareness, and improve mental acuity and longevity. As used by ancient warriors in India as a conditioning and recovery tool, the marma mat allows you to be your own personal massage therapist.
316 Second Ave Apt 5B , New York, New York 10003, United States
New Decision Therapy and Veda Academy NYC
The Inspired Breath Manual is sent to you via e-mail, when you sign up on the home page. Thank you & enjoy being more present with mindful breathing.   Suffering is optional. I support conscious women & men, trapped in toxic/unloving relationships with themselves and/or others. Releasing blockages/trauma allows to enter into flow, purpose & abundance in relationships, work, money. Fulfillment is yours.
Union Square , New York, New York 10003, United States
Skin by Kyra Saulnier
Kyra Saulnier combines a lifelong passion for food, design and the healing arts into her practice as an Esthetician After graduating from The University of Vermont with a degree in Fine Art and Art History, Kyra moved home to New York City to begin a career in Interior Design. This first career lead to several years as a photo stylist for magazines such as Martha Stewart Living and Ladies Home Journal as well as countless catalogues. The free lance life enabled Kyra to pursue her int […]
417 Grand St Ste D1202 , New York, New York 10002, United States