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Ayurvedic Healing Center, LLC
To empower my clients with experiential knowledge, guide them to make dietary and lifestyle changes to overcome chronic illnesses so they can grow, and fulfill their purpose with joy and vigor! Opening the pathways for you to heal via nutrition, lifestyle changes, spirituality, meditations and evolution so you may walk the journey to the Self with ease, love, acceptance and freedom! We have had success in the following health issues Healthy Gut, Happy Life Better Sleep Overcomin […]
317 Union St., Ste. B , Milford Charter Township, Michigan 48381, United States
​Meena Puri, R.A.A.P., ERYT-500, C.M.T., C.P.A.,
Those with a gap in their current and deeply desired state of health, who are willing, able and committed in receiving the specific individualized guidance and support in creating the changes that will bridge that gap so they can enjoy an awakened, active and purposeful life benefit greatly in working with Meena Puri. Not only they get healthier, have more energy, feel well and balanced, they grow in ways they never thought possible, and take charge of their health. Her most appr […]
851 Barberry Dr , Milford Charter Township, Michigan 48381, United States