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Amandeep Annu Gaidhu, MA, RAP, RAYT
My commitment to yoga, social justice, and activism fuels my passion in serving communities and people at all levels to advocate for self-development and social change; beginning from the inside, out. I am an child and youth practitioner with experience working in International, Educational, Residential and Youth Justice settings. I have a strong educational background that includes Master's and Bachelor's degree in Child and Youth Care from Ryerson University - I obtained internat […]
7145 St. Barbara Blvd , Mississauga, Ontario L5W 0C9, Canada
Girija Edwards
Everyone deserves to be happy and healthy. Ayurveda and Yoga have helped me understand how this can be achieved. Since childhood, at the Sivananda Ashram, Val Morin, Quebec, 1964, I observed how the most devastating illnesses could be cured through Yoga. Working and studying with leaders in the field of natural healing, I was introduced to Ayurveda. My personal journey to help everyone I meet, through the lens of Ayurveda, has never ceased. Ayurveda can bring happiness and health for […]
175 Traders Blvd E , Mississauga, Ontario L4Z 3S8, Canada
Sriranjini Jaideep
Sriranjini has an illustrious career of 15+ years with a unique combination of clinical practice, transdisciplinary research, academics, medical writing, analytical skills and management experience. She is an MD in Internal medicine (Kayachikitsa) branch of Ayurveda and a PhD from Department of Neurophysiology, NIMHANS, Bangalore. Being a clinician researcher, she has a passion for understanding and interpreting the concepts of Ayurveda with contemporary scientific tools that can imm […]
Mississauga, Ontario , Canada
Margo Uma Gal
Margo was first certified as an Ayurvedic Practitioner in 1987 by Dr. Vasant Lad. For several years, she worked under his guidance at the Ayurvedic Institute in New Mexico as Pancha Karma specialist and Yoga/Ayurvedic Instructor. She also completed her Gurukulam program in Pune where she attended yearly seminars. In 2004, she completed certification as Ayurvedic Practitioner specializing in Purva Karma/ Abhyanga under Dr. Sunil Joshi at Kalidas Sanskrit University in Nagpur India. Thi […]
175 Traders Blvd E, Unit #200 , Mississauga, Ontario L4Z 3S8, Canada
Amandip K Chauhan
Vd. Amandip Kaur Chauhan is a Vaidya of Ayurvedic Medicine, an Educationist, Researcher, Writer of various Ayurveda research papers. She completed her five and half year’s graduation course of Ayurveda (B.A.M.S) and three years Post-Graduation course of Doctor of Ayurvedic Medicine (MD – Ayurveda) from Punjab, India. She has an advanced diploma in Panchkarma and believes in practicing Ayurveda in the light of conventional science.
175 Traders Blvd E, Unit #200 , Mississauga, Ontario L4Z 3S8, Canada
Nikhita Maini
Vd. Nikhita Maini is an expert in Traditional Herbal (Ayurveda) remedies, with over 15 years of experience in herbal therapies. Her core focus is on providing an alternative treatment to patients through a combination of Herbal and Conservative treatments, Rejuvenation and Panchkarma (Detoxification) therapies. She has diverse experience in helping patients with chronic health issues and providing a remedial support for prevention of degeneration of both physical and mental health. Sh […]
175 Traders Blvd E, Unit #200 , Mississauga, Ontario ON L4Z 3S8, Canada
Melody Nadeau
Nandini is an Ayurvedic practitioner and nutritionist with over 18 years of experience in holistic medicine as a practitioner. She offers consultations, therapies, and education as a part of her services helping clients to implement and maintain a healthy lifestyle including diet, exercise, herbal remedies, and following a specific routine according to their unique constitution. Nandini creates individualized programs with clients that encourage deep connection with oneself and nature […]
175 Traders Blvd E, Unit #200, Mississauga, Ontario L4Z 3S8, Canada
Joey Bujold
Joey Bujold is a Vedic Astrologer, Ayurveda Life Coach, Practitioner of Yoga Meditation, Educator and Public Speaker, and Well-Being Enthusiast. I was born and raised in the the Gaspé peninsula region in Quebec, Canada. During my late teenage years, I became increasingly interested in Eastern traditions and philosophies, having learned about yoga and meditation as a young adult, and spending some time living in an ashram in Southern California during a college summer break. Having s […]
Burlington, Ontario , Canada
Jaspal Bajwa
2516 Pollard Drive , Mississauga, Ontario L5C 3H1, Canada