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Sheba Soap Studio
Sheba Soap Studio is located in beautiful Moss Landing, California.  We are Purveyor and Wholesale Based Soap Company. ​It is here in a tiny studio that the alchemic magic happens!   Crafted in very small batches and carefully cured, Sheba soaps are like fine wine.  We like to use herbs and clays for colorants and use only essential oils to lightly scent our soaps.  Most of the oils we use are in their raw, natural state and organic when possible.   We believe this keeps the soap clos […]
PO Box 194 , Moss Landing, California 95039, United States
Connie Mardon
My name is Connie, I am a Soap Peddler and I'm in love with making soap! My most prized bars include herbs and ingredients that are local, such as California Olive Oil and Honey... I may even have picked the sage in my most fabulous bar of SAGE SOAP..... My goal is to give you quality, no ifs, ands or buts. I could talk about soapmaking all day long. If you feel the same way, send me a message --- Sheba in the '20s was a phrase used for a Gal with Sex Ap […]
PO Box 194 , Moss Landing, California 95039, United States