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Yoga House
Although it may be hard to imagine now that yoga has become so tightly woven into the fabric of American life, there was a time not so long ago when there was no full-time, dedicated Hatha Yoga studio in Pasadena. Yoga House opened in 1997 to fill that void by creating such a place, a place that brought together the best teachers in a beautiful, well-equipped space so that everyone in our community could conveniently practice yoga and enjoy its benefits.
11 West State Street , Pasadena, California 91105, United States
Farzaneh Noori
Farzaneh Noori is the co-founder and owner of Yoga House, the oldest and largest center for yoga in the San Gabriel Valley area. She is a certified yoga instructor with over 25 years of practice and 17 years of experience teaching to a broad range of students. In the course of her training, Farzaneh has studied with some of the world's most highly-regarded yoga teachers. She has received certification in asana, pranayama, anatomy and yoga philosophy from Tias Little; White Lotus Yoga […]
11 W. State Street , Pasadena, California 91105, United States