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Dr. SiriChand Khalsa MD
Dr. Siri Chand Khalsa MD MS I’m in the 45th grade. Since I started school at Ms Matthews pre-K program at St Lukes, I have been busy gaining academic accolades and credentials. From attending one of the most prestigious high schools in the country to a MS in biology to a residency in Internal Medicine at Mayo Clinic, I have been engaged in a comprehensive course of study. And yet, once that process was completed, I wasn't done yet. I started phase two diving into even more my unanswer […]
530 E McDowell Rd #107-512 , 85004
Lorilee Gillmore
SPECIALTY: YOGA OF PATANJALI Background: Ayurveda, Ashtanga and over 20 years of private bodywork practice. Philosophy: Love and passion of the four paths of yoga penetrate through her class, stressing not only asana but also including the other seven limbs of yoga.
2313 E Sells Dr , Phoenix, Arizona 85016, United States