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Joanna Wolczyk
Joanna is a professional interior designer with a passion for biophilia, our innate tendency to seek connection with nature. She was born in Poland and moved to Italy before settling with her family in Québec, Canada. With over 20 years of studies and travels around the world, she continues to deepen and expand her knowledge by pursuing further education in French & English with leading international teachers in Canada, the United States, and Europe. Ayurveda and Yoga changed he […]
Québec, Québec , Canada
Bita Bitajian
If you suffer from digestive problems, anxiety, depression, breathing problems, circulatory problems and several health problems … Ayurveda can bring you relief or just help you refocus, feel vibrant and healthy. Transformation is an ayurvedic wellness center,Ayurvedic therapies,ayurvedic Medicine, ayurvedic massage, mindfulness yoga, yoga therapy,meditation, ayurvedic yoga and mindfulness are all practiced at transformation.
320 Ave Saint Denis , Saint-Lambert, Québec J4P-2G6, Canada