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Sacramento Naturopathic Medical Center
Sacramento Naturopathic Medical Center (SNMC), founded in 2005, now with three California-licensed primary care Naturopathic Doctors on staff, has been the most trusted, and the premier leader of providing compassionate, effective natural/holistic health care (not just disease care) and wellness support in the greater Sacramento area! The entire staff of SNMC seeks to build lasting relationships with every person who walks in the door, attempting to always “walk a mile or more in thei […]
2530 J St, Suite 100 , Sacramento, California 95816, United States
Mr. Ryan Strong
2536 Wilmington ave , Sacramento, California 95820, United States
Mary-Alice Quinn
Mary-Alice Quinn Mary-Alice Quinn, AyD, CAS is a NAMA Board certified Ayurvedic Doctor and Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist serving clients both nationally and internationally since 2004. She graduated valedictorian with highest level certification from the California College of Ayurveda (CCA) and the American Institute of Vedic Studies. She has completed a variety of advanced post-graduate trainings in the US and India, including those with the Ayurvedic Institute and the Internationa […]
Manhattan Beach, California 95818, United States