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Inner Harmony Yoga & Ayurveda
Welcome to Inner Harmony Yoga & Ayurveda A friendly, intimate studio located just on the outskirts of the historic downtown area of San Pedro. Founded in 2001 by San Pedro native, Fran Zabica. Inner Harmony is a quiet refuge where relaxation is one of the most important techniques we practice. Our teachers are well trained, conscientious and our students are members of the family.The word "Yoga" means union or bringing together. In our busy modern lives, yoga is a way to bring bal […]
579 W. 9th St. , Los Angeles, California 90731, United States
Kari Burgos
After the devastating loss of her mother, Kari turned to yoga to heal herself from years of self destructive habits, to deepen her spirituality and to reclaim her health and vitality. As she became more involved in yoga and the breathing techniques which are the cornerstone, subtle change began to occur. Her outlook on life and priorities began to shift into a much more positive direction. Inner peace and happiness became more of a reality on a daily basis. "I spent 18 years in […]
579 W 9th St , Los Angeles, California 90731, United States
Ms. Leila Astarabadi
3431 S Peck Ave Apt. 3 , Los Angeles, California 90731, United States