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Christina Miller
Christina Miller Christina Miller, founder of Thrive Ayurveda, holds a Master’s Degree in South Asian Religious Studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara and is a Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner. Her Master’s program included in-depth study of Ayurveda from a theoretical and historical perspective, and the study of Sanskrit in order to allow her to study straight from the original Ayurvedic texts. Christina’s passion for holistic health began at an early age with her r […]
Santa Barbara, California 93101, United States
Corinna Maharani
Corinna Maharani is an Ayurvedic practitioner and educator with 25 years of experience in practicing and teaching Ayurvedic Sacred Bodywork™, Marma Therapy and Pancha Karma. Her legal name, “Maharani,” means Great Queen, chosen because she wanted to reflect her devotion to the power and blessings of the Divine Feminine as well as honoring the principles of treating others with noble respect. She graduated from one of the first Ayurveda programs held at the Maharishi International Uni […]
513 Garden #H , Santa Barbara, California 93101, United States
Maharani Academy
Maharani Ayurveda has offered authentic Ayurvedic services and Pancha Karma Cleanses for 20 years. We offer consultations, nutritional and herbal support, and a wide variety of Ayurvedic treatments. Blessed by the close association with Vaidya RK Mishra (, Maharani Ayurveda has also been an educational center that provides lectures and workshops. Corinna Schmidt (owner) travels 4 times a year to the midwest to function as the Pancha Karma director at "Kanyakumari […]
513 Garden St Apt 2 , Santa Barbara, California 93101, United States