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Manjiri Kulkarni
Manjiri Nadkarni is an Ayurvedic Medicine and Holistic Healing expert with a decade long experience of helping people regain their health and live optimally
1249 London Road , Sarnia, Ontario ON N7S 4T3, Canada
Manjiri Ojas Nadkarni
Vd. Manjiri Nadkarni, MD(Ayu), RHN, CBAC is a Doctor of Ayurvedic Medicine trained in authentic Ayurveda from esteemed Ayurvedic Universities in India. She offers trainings in Ayurveda along with Ayurvedic consultations in Canada and along the globe. Her mission is to make Ayurveda accessible to everyone in Canada. She served as the President of the non-profit Ayurveda Association of Canada for over 2 years from May 2017 to July 2019.
1720 Trinity Crescent , Sarnia, Ontario N7S 5K2, Canada