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Batool Merali, R.A.P.
I’m an Ayurvedic Lifestyle practitioner and Yoga-Teacher. My gift is coaching how to thrive in body, – mind, and – heart, age gracefully, and live a disease free life by self-care and self -love. This comes from understanding that in this impossibly perfect world we are given an abundance of food and natural resources. This gift we are given leaves me humble and grateful for Mother Earth. My parents are from India, and I live in USA with my husband and boys. Our modern hectic lifesty […]
4014 Wonderland Court , Rapid City, South Dakota 57702, United States
Batool Merali
Are you ready to take the journey to optimal health? Nourish Myself programs are all about taking better care of ‘Yourself.’ The problem is we run around taking care of everyone else which leaves us exhausted and depleted with no time for ourselves. Nourish Myself programs are designed to help you, step by step, turn this paradigm around. Batool Merali is an Ayurvedic practitioner, yoga health coach, yoga teacher, and an artist. She has been in holistic health for over a decade. She […]
4014 Wonderland Ct , Rapid City, South Dakota 57702, United States