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Becky Obray
Becky Obray was born in the magical Yampa Valley and continues to make her home and raise her family in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Stories of her childhood reveal how her parents had to sing (chant) and use special mantras to get her to climb the mountains near her home. This connection to nature ended up giving her a life-long wisdom and understanding of body, mind and spirit. She now hikes, bikes, skis, climbs and runs the mountains of her childhood with abandon. Ultimately, t […]
141 9th Street P.O. Box 882681 , Steamboat Springs, Colorado 80488, United States
Tracy Zuschlag
Whole Healing Our bodies, minds, spirits are always striving towards perfect balance or homeostasis (equilibrium between interdependent elements). Yet, we are all living in a fast-paced, hectic world that it easily gets out of balance. We need to remember or 'intuit' what our bodies are telling us and what it means to truly be in harmony with nature. This includes where we live, how we live as the seasons change and how the times of day and our lives affect our physical, emotional and […]
522 Lincoln Avenue , Steamboat Springs, Colorado 80487, United States