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Dr. Shwetha Reddy
Shwetha Reddy is the founder and owner Ayush Wave, a premier wellness center and health spa in Sugar Land. Through Ayush Wave, she is bringing her knowledge of natural health to the public. Dr. Reddy is one of the emerging practitioners in the field of Alternative and complimentary medicine in united states. Shwetha Reddy, Houston TX,  has been practicing Ayurveda since 2006 in India and Europe. She has consulted over 2000 patients till date and continues to maintain an active Ayurve […]
15263 Southwest Frwy , Sugar Land, Texas 77478, United States
Ayush Wave
Ayush Wave is an Ayurveda Based Spa serving in Houston-Sugar Land Metro Area offering variety of body treatments and Skin care products.
15263 Southwest Fwy , Sugar Land, Texas 77478, United States
Himalaya USA
Himalaya Herbal Healthcare is a worldwide pioneer in the field of scientifically validated herbal healthcare. Himalaya advances customer trust in traditional herbal medicine by offering products that are clinically proven to support many significant health concerns—including LiverCare, StressCare, MenstriCare, and GlucoCare.
1101 Gillingham Lane , Sugar Land, Texas 77478​, United States
AYU Academy
ĀYU Academy specializes in the online education of classical Āyurveda. We provide education and practical training rooted in the core framework of Ayurveda utilizing the latest technology to advance our capacity to apply the science. We continuously strive to provide the highest standards of competency-based Ayurvedic education and ethical practice.
77 Sugar Creek Center Blvd Suite 600 , Sugar Land, Texas 77478, United States
Ms Charmaine van Niekerk
3458 Amphora Circle , Sugar Land, Texas 77479, United States