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Ayurved Sadhana
Ayurved Sadhana’s Advanced Ayurvedic Practitioner Program is approved and regulated by Colorado's Department of Higher Education. This authentic program offers students an in-depth look at pathology, indicated treatments, and an extensive supervised internship/externship. Students are prepared to practice with confidence upon completion. Program: Advanced Ayurvedic Practitioner
2082 Grayden Court , Louisville, Colorado 80027, United States
Dr. Bharat P. Vaidya
Dr. Vaidya is a skilled Advanced Ayurvedic Physician who received his Ayurvedic degree (B.A.M.S.) and advanced medical training in Mumbai. He obtained a medical degree (M.D.) from the prestigious Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium, Europe. He has practiced medicine in India, Europe and in the U.S. He currently runs his practice in Superior, Colorado. Renowned Ayurvedic Physician, Dr. Vaidya, offers students an advanced and in depth study of Ayurved. Ayurved Sadhana is approved by […]
Ayurved Sadhana Vaidyalaya
The Prabhuram Ayurvedic Vidyalaya (College) was founded in 1896 with good intention to establish a Ayurvedic college which will improve the standards for Ayurvedic practitioners in India and inadequate practitioners can be removed from the system. At that time Ayurveda was already in despair and British Government closing Ayurvedic practices and dispensaries in Bombay and other places with the fear of growth of irresponsible and incompetent physician and at the same time to apply thei […]
2082 Grayden Ct , Superior, Colorado 80027, United States