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Ayurveda Center for Natural Healthcare
Ayurveda is the thousands of years old system of natural medicine from India. A sister science to yoga, the goal of Ayurveda is to achieve balance and health – beyond the absence of disease. Mary Roberson, Ph.D., conducts Ayurvedic consultations to identify imbalances along with the underlying behaviors, dietary, or environmental causes that might be giving rise to the symptoms. She will then make dietary, lifestyle, herbal recommendations to activate the natural intelligence of the b […]
665 Emory Valley Road PO Box 6408 , Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37831, United States
Dr. Mary K Roberson
Dr. Roberson is a Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner through the National Ayurvedic Medicine Association. She has studied Ayurveda since her graduate school days, including the Ayurvedic approach to psychological concerns, taking courses of study with three schools: Wise Earth School of Ayurveda (Bri. Maya Tiwari), Ayurvedic Institute (Dr. Vasant Lad) and the Maharishi Vedic Medicine program.
665 Emory Valley Road , Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37831, United States
Vaidya Naina Sudarshan
Wellzo is a Health and wellness promotion organization advocating people to control their own health to improve their quality of life through a wide range of interventions in various levels of the community by changing health behavior. We offer complete Health and Wellness solutions either individual, community or corporate levels.
3315 Snow Park Ln W #203 , Memphis, Tennessee 38119, United States
Rev Sajini Thomas
Global Integrated Reimbursement Services Inc. (GIRS) is a global reimbursement services consulting company based in Memphis, TN. Our services to support market access for pharmaceuticals, biologics, diagnostics, medical devices, and combination products include: 1. Reimbursement assessments 2. Coding and pricing strategies 3. HCPCS, CPT®, New Technology, and Pass-Through applications 4. Payer mailings and payer advocacy for coverage through the GIRS Payer Advocacy Compass (PAC)™ 5. Bi […]
8856 River Hollow Dr , Memphis, Tennessee 38016, United States
Ms. Jana Hannah
PO Box 375 , Benton, Tennessee 37307, United States