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Cate Stillman is the Founder of Yogahealer, Yoga Health Coaching, and Yogidetox, as well as a bestselling ayurvedic author. Cate is an evolutionary thought leader, global tribe builder and author in the field of Ayurveda, Yoga and Dynamic Groups. She founded in 2001, and Yoga Health Coaching in 2012. She is renowned for leading wellness professionals to evolve their personal health and their community impact. Cate also hosts the Yogahealer Podcast and is the author of […]
135 Targhee Towne , Alta, Wyoming 83414, United States
myĀyu is a monthly health plan based on Traditional Āyurvedic Medicine. Learn how to best care for your self and your health with the time-tested practices of Āyurveda. myĀyu gives you access to a team of Āyurvedic experts who understand your unique needs and support you with simple and effective recommendations. STEP 1 Meet with Jessica Vellela, an Āyurveda Āchārya (Āyurvedic Doctor*), to develop your myĀyu Care Plan. STEP 2 Meet with a Special […]
Satyavani Gayatri
Dr. Satyavani, AHP, E-RYT700 Dr. Satyavani is a Yoga Teacher, Ayurvedic Health Practitioner, Spiritual Life Coach, Reiki Master and an Acharya in the Kripalu lineage. Dr. Satyavani is an Ayurvedic health practitioner, a Yoga Acharya (spiritual teacher) and a spiritual coach in the Shaivist tradition of Swami Kripalu. The name Satyavani means “speaker of truth” and was given to her by her teachers as part of the Acharya Path of Love in the tradition of Lord Lakulish and Swami Kripalu. […]
1111 S. Orchard Street, Suite 102 , Boise, Idaho 83705, United States
Ranjana Chawla
Dr. Ranjana Chawla heals her clients through Ayurvedic medicine. Her treatments get to the root cause of health conditions and she supports her patients to resolve imbalances in their physical, emotional and spiritual health.  Dr. Chawla helps her clients experience the best health of their lives, giving them the confidence that they will live a life of vitality and longevity. She uses Ayurveda; a holistic medicine that is both preventive and curative and is customized to each individ […]
Washington, District of Columbia , United States
Colorado Ayurvedic Medical Association
MISSION STATEMENT ​​COLORAMA's mission is to protect and to promote the interest of ​participants, educators and practitioners of Ayurveda in the state of Colorado. Purpose and Objectives of COLORAMA:​ To be an organization representing the Ayurveda profession in Colorado and nationally. To preserve, protect, improve and promote the philosophy, knowledge, science and practice of Ayurveda for the benefit of humanity. To provide leadership within the Ayurveda profession. To pro […]
PO Box 905, Boulder, CO , Boulder, Colorado 80306, United States
Ayurveda Association of Florida
The Ayurveda Association of Florida (AAF) is a growing movement of Ayurvedic professionals providing a common, unified, protected space and platform for those who are practicing Ayurveda in Florida. OUR MISSION STATEMENT AND GOALS Unite the community of Ayurveda in Florida. AAF is a growing movement of Ayurvedic Practitioners, Counselors, students and professionals and includes those interested in Ayurveda from the public sector. AAF is to provide a common, unified, protected […]
2840 W. Bay Drive #420 , Largo, Florida Belleair Bluffs, FL 33770, United States
Angela Perger
Angela is a certified Ayurveda Health Counselor with 14+ years of practicing Yoga. She has facilitated in-person trainings in yin, prenatal and kids Yoga. She currently leads online courses: Sequencing and Theming using Ayurveda, which is continuing education aimed to help Yoga teachers understand how to incorporate Yoga's sister science into practicing and teaching and Ayurveda + Yin Yoga which teaches you the foundations of Yin Yoga and and Ayurveda. The newest course is Ayurveda, […]
Tarpon Springs, Florida , United States
Somesh Kaushik
Somesh N. Kaushik, ND ,BAMS, MPH, MPA, E-RYT 500 Somesh N. Kaushik is the Ayurvedic specialist/consultant at the Institute.  After completing B.A.M.S., a  6½ years of  Ayurvedic training in 1983  from Kurukshetra University, India. He worked as an Ayurvedic Medical Officer before moving to U.S. He earned M.P.H. and M.P.A. from  University of Alabama, Birmingham and N.D. from the University of Bridgeport, where he taught Ayurvedic medicine and Public Health courses and worked as the Di […]
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Dr. Amit Gumman
Dr. Amit Gumman Background and Education Doctor of Medicine University of Health Sciences Antigua, School of Medicine, Antigua, West Indies. Master of Public Health, Health Promotion Sciences University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Doctorate of Acupuncture & Doctor of Philosophy The Open International University of Complimentary Medicines (OIUCM), Colombo, Sri Lanka. OIUCM was established in conformance with the 1962 Alma At […]
3701 Northwest 62nd Street Oklahoma City , Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73112, United States
National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA)
National Ayurvedic Medical Association Representing the Ayurvedic profession in the United States of America, we seek to preserve, protect, promote and advance the consciousness-based philosophy, knowledge, science and practice of Ayurveda for the benefit of all beings. Ayurveda offers a rich and dynamic body of knowledge that provides comprehensive disease management and supports holistic wellness on a deep level. With its roots dating back over five thousand years to India, Ayurveda […]
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The Paleovedic Diet by Dr. Akil Palanisamy, MD
Akil Palanisamy, MD, is a Harvard-trained physician, author, speaker, and holistic medicine expert in integrative and functional medicine. His new book, “The Paleovedic Diet”, integrates the best of conventional and holistic medicine. Dr. Akil seamlessly blends the Paleo diet with Ayurveda and the latest research in nutrition and medicine to present a customized roadmap to perfect health. Dr. Akil, a holistic doctor, completed his premedical training in biochemistry at Harvard Univers […]
Akil Palanisamy
5911 U.S. 101 , San Francisco, California 94103, United States
Dr. Scott Gerson
Dr. Gerson is widely regarded as this nation's most experienced Ayurvedic physician and researcher and works principally as a physician specializing in diagnostically difficult cases. Currently, Dr. Gerson is the only Westerner to hold a Ph.D. degree in Ayurveda--the highest level of Ayurvedic education--and the only physician in the United States to have complete formal training in both conventional and Ayurvedic medicine. His Ph.D. thesis in Panchakarma Chikitsa (Detoxificati […]
436 E 5th Ave , Mount Dora, Florida 32757, United States
Dr. Nancy Lonsdorf
About Nancy Lonsdorf, MD Named “one of the nation’s most prominent Ayurvedic doctors” by the Chicago Tribune, Nancy Lonsdorf, MD is a popular speaker, author, teacher and recognized Ayurvedic expert specializing in women’s health issues. Dr. Lonsdorf currently has a private practice in Integrative, Holistic Medicine and Ayurveda in Fairfield, IA and teaches Maharishi Ayurveda to medical doctors and health practitioners at The Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine in La Jolln, CA and […]
1100 N. 4th St., Suite 211 , Fairfield, Iowa 52556, United States
Dr. Robert Svoboda
Dr. Robert Svoboda is the first Westerner ever to graduate from a college of Ayurveda and be licensed to practice Ayurveda in India. During and after his formal Ayurvedic training he was tutored in Ayurveda, Yoga, Jyotish, Tantra and other forms of classical Indian lore by his mentor, the Aghori Vimalananda. He is the author of twelve books including Prakriti: Your Ayurvedic Constitution and the Aghora series, which discusses his experiences with his mentor during the years 1975 – 1 […]
Ashok Jethanandani
Ashok Jethanandani, B.A.M.S. is an ayurveda practitioner in San Jose since 2013. In his practice, Classical Ayurveda, Dr. Jethanandani offers help with management of diabetes and other metabolic disorders, digestive disorders, respiratory conditions, weight management, arthritis, and other chronic health issues for which ayurveda has wholistic and effective solutions. Dr. Jethanandani is a graduate of Gujarat Ayurved University, India, where he received his education and training i […]
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Archana Kulkarni
Dr. (Vaidya) Archana Kulkarni - BAMS, MD in Ayurveda, MPH, LMT, E-RYT Ayurvedic Physician* and Educator Dr. (Vaidya) Archana Kulkarni, Founder, and director of Ayur Wellness Inc, Tampa FL is a doctor of Ayurvedic medicine from Banaras Hindu University India, Epidemiologist, University instructor of public health, and ayurvedic medicine with over 20 years of successful Ayurveda practice and dedicated to provide natural holistic health care to support you in your journey of healing. S […]
8905 Regents Park Drive Suite 250 , Tampa, Florida 33647, United States
Lissa Coffey
Ayurveda expert Lissa Coffey is the renowned authority on Ayurveda and Relationships. Her best-selling book "What's Your Dosha, Baby? Discover the Vedic way for Compatibility in Life and Love" is the only book ever published on Ayurveda and Relationships, and it has been translated into five languages. Her first book on Ayurveda: "The Healthy Family Handbook: Natural Remedies for Parents and Children" was released in 1997. Lissa Coffey has appeared on national television and ha […]
AyurNectar Consultation Ayurvedic assessment of your body constitution and imbalances. The Initial visit lasts approximately 60 minutes during which your practitioner will review your food habits and lifestyle, and assess your health condition based on Ayurvedic principles.  Due to the current Covid-19 challenges, we are also offering online consultations. Workshops Due to the current Covid-19 challenges, our Ayurveda workshops are currently help virtually. Please sign up for our news […]
Mountain Rose Herbs
Rosemary Gladstar began a small herbal business to provide supplies for her students at the California School of Herbal Studies. When she moved to Vermont, the company was split into a retail herb shop and a mail order company. The mail order portion was passed on to Rose Madrone, and Mountain Rose Herbs (MRH) was born. Rose enlisted the help of her friend Julie Bailey, a teaching herbalist, wilderness guide, and avid gardener. In 1991, Julie bought the small herbal business and ran […]
PO Box 50220 , Eugene, Oregon 97405, United States
Marva Makle, R.A.L.C.
Go, go, go…crash. Work, work, work…exhaust. Push harder, deplete faster. Get it all done, then hit the wall. Sound familiar? I started my health coaching practice to help other worn-out, burnt-out (WOBO) professional women who want to stop running themselves into the ground while striving to exceed their goals. Throughout a successful 20-year IT career, I worked long and hard for large corporations and consulting firms. I believed that pushing through—not slowing down—was admirable […]