The following questions are divided into three sections. Read each statement and mark, from o to 4, whenever it applies to you.

0 = doesn’t apply to me

1-2 = Applies to me somewhat (or some of the time)

3-4 =Applies to me mostly (applies nearly all of the time).

Select the appropriate point that defines you in most of the times. Attempt all the questions. For fairly objective physical traits, your choice will usually be obvious. For mental traits and behavior-which are more subjective, you should answer according to how you have felt and acted most of your life, or at least for the past few years.

After you finish, the primary constitution is the one with the highest score. We recommend consulting an Ayurvedic Practitioner to help you with interpretation and steps that you need to take to improve your overall Wellness. They should be able to help create a roadmap for a healthier life by taking control of your habits, tendencies, diet and lifestyle.