Ayurveda is a 5000-year-old traditional healthcare system that treats the individual as a whole addressing the disease at its roots, for an optimal health and healing of their body, mind and spirit. In Ayurveda, we aim to establish close partnership between the doctor and patient. And, Ayurvedic supplements or therapies not only help to address symptoms or root cause but also aim to maintain or protect the health of individuals.

Ayurveda practitioners can help support you with your illnesses, health and wellbeing. Besides general consultation, they provide specialized services for various chronic diseases such as Diabetes, High Blood pressure, Bronchial asthma, skin ailments, migraine, knee/back pain, obesity, hair fall and many other chronic problems. In addition to recommending holistic therapies to support various health conditions, they offer therapeutic massages, nutritional supplements, yoga programs and various rejuvenating therapies.

Ayurveda is considered as a healing-oriented approach, considers the whole person, including the mind and body along with other aspects such as diet, lifestyle and the environment. The multiple facets of Ayurvedic Management of health and disease are:
  • Customized intervention that varies according to individual constitutional framework (prakriti) and the stage or phase of disease.
  • Multi-component intervention involving diet, lifestyle, herbs, supplements, Panchakarma (detox and systemic cleaning of the body) and yoga.
  • A treatment approach that has homeostasis or restoration of balance in health or wellness as its end point.

These are the procedures that help eliminate toxins from the body. It is usually a residential or closely monitored holistic treatment program that supports treatments or therapies for chronic conditions that alleviating symptoms from those diseases. These detoxification therapies help restore your health to its natural state and include herbal formulations along with specific diet and lifestyle adjustments.

For best results, Ayurveda encourages you to follow the required dietary and lifestyle advice. This will help maintain balanced Doshas and prevent buildup of toxins in the body. Any specific dietary changes that may be required will be advised by the Vaidyas, post panchakarma.

If you take the supplements advised by your Ayurveda consultant and follow the required diet and life style changes, these medications should not have unwanted side effects. Ayurveda and Siddha supplements are made from natural ingredients such as herbs, herbal juices and minerals. Lots of importance is given in purifying and preparing them. This will be supervised by experts and dosing is done by well-trained Ayurveda experts. As these treat the root cause, it is important to follow a proper diet and lifestyle. Make sure that you inform your Doctor if you are allergic to any particular food or herb.

Yes, the programs will help reduce your pain and help enjoy a flexible and more active lifestyle through Ayurveda therapy, Yoga, Diet and Nutritional changes. You will feel emotionally better as well.

Therapies such as Podikizhi, Abyangam, Dhara (Kashaya & oil), Lepam (application), Swedanam, Njavarakizhi, Elakizhi are available. Please refer to our article on explanation of these various therapies.

Yes, these programs will help you improve your lung capacity, immunity & overall respiratory health with breathing exercises, Yoga, Kriyas, Diet changes & Ayurveda therapies.

Yes, we will help you to effectively support your cardiac conditions and/or risk factors by following heart healthy Diet, Yoga, Meditation, therapeutic massage and lifestyle changes.

Yes, our support programs will help you to skillfully stabilize blood sugar levels through customized Diet, therapeutic Yoga and herbal supplements. We will also work on your underlying constitution, metabolism and Tridosha imbalance to help correct problems from the core.

Therapies such as Takradhara and Abyanagam can be offered. Please refer to our glossary for details. Please consult an Ayurvedic Practitioner for recommendations that are uniquely suited to you.

Yes, this program can help when simple diet or exercise doesn’t work for you. Ayurveda therapy along with Yoga & Meditation is known to help reduce excess fat, improve body flexibility, ease joint pains and increase metabolism.

Yes, these programs help with planned pregnancies, integrating Ayurveda/Siddha based care for healthy pregnancy & off-spring. We offer an optimal diet plan for you the couple, Yoga to improve overall health, purificatory Ayurveda therapies & parental sessions.

Yes, integrated with Ayurveda protocols, Psychological therapy, Yoga & Meditation along with Lifestyle/Diet changes can help manage your day to day stress and life effectively.

Yes, there are Ayurveda programs to support your skin conditions with appropriate herbal supplements, Yoga regimen, Ayurveda therapy and Dietary advice and to help improve overall skin complexion and many other advantages like reducing pigmentation, acne and dandruff.

Yes. An Integrated Ayurveda team can work with you to help address problems related to gastrointestinal system. A healthy digestive system is very important for overall health & well-being. We help you to achieve this.

Each condition is different. Some conditions will show immediate improvement. Some may require few weeks to a few months depending on severity and chronicity of the problem depending on different dosha (body constitution).

In most cases you can, but it is better that you speak to your Primary Care physician before making any changes. Please give an hour gap between taking different type of supplements or medications. If you feel that you are having any allergic reactions, please let your doctor know immediately.Yes, these programs will help you improve your lung capacity, immunity & overall respiratory health with breathing exercises, Yoga, Kriyas, Diet changes & Ayurveda therapies.

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