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Anjali Deva

Anjali Deva IF THE WISEST INDIVIDUALS OF OUR SOCIETY were to meditate on the very essential question of our existence “What does it mean to be alive?,”

Jasmeen Singh

About Dr. Singh:  Dr. Singh focuses completely on the patient’s well being and incorporates integrated holistic healing. She graduated from

Kari Burgos

After the devastating loss of her mother, Kari turned to yoga to heal herself from years of self destructive habits, to deepen her spirituality and to reclaim

Erica Rey

Born in Argentina, raised in Los Angeles - Erica Rey combines her years organizing within the immigrant rights movement, her training in alternative medicine

Mrs Caylynn Amritha Rodecker

The Ancient Art of Ayurveda Practiced in India since the 4th Century, Ayurveda is a holistic healing practice that combines herbal remedies, nutrition, body

Ms Elizabeth Carlisle CAP

A Natural Path to optimal health and well-being Constitutionally correct food plan designed specifically for You Lifestyle recommendations that support your

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