Swasthya’ is the Sanskrit term for health. It is a profound conceptual and operative meaning which sums up the strategy for health and well-being. Once you take the Quiz, your overall Swasthya Score will be presented below. We recommend consulting an Ayurvedic Practitioner to help you with interpretation and steps that you need to take to improve your overall Wellness. They should be able to help create a roadmap for a healthier life by taking control of your habits, tendencies, diet and lifestyle.

Welcome to your Wellness Questionnaire

0 = Doesn’t apply | 1, 2, 3 = Applies Sometimes | 4, 5 = Applies Mostly
1. Good appetite at appropriate interval
2. Digestion is strong and timely
3. Timely bowel movements with adequate stool & gas expulsion
4. Free flow of urine
5. Feeling of lightness of my body all through the day
6. Getting sleep at proper time without effort
7. Waking up without the help of alarm or external stimulus
8. Sound sleep
9. Sleep undisturbed by dreams
10. Vision is clear (without the aid of glasses) with respect to age
11. Perception of sound is intact
12. Taste buds are sensitive
13. Can identify different odor easily
14. Good tactile sensation (even feather touch)
15. Not taken any medications (antibiotic, pain killer) in last 6 mo
16. Very good stamina and physical endurance as well as a steady level of energy
17. Strong minded with good thoughts most of the times
18. Considerate towards nature and other living being
19. BMI (Body Mass Index Wt./Ht2) is within normal limit (18-25)
20. Cheerful, peaceful, content and alert state of mind